Geography of the Zamarrid Empire

The Zamarrid Empire occupies a group of archipelagos that are relatively close to one another. As with most things involving the Zamarrid Empire, they have constructed things to resemble a dragon.

al’Rais (The Head)
This is the home island of Clan Zamarrid and the center, politically speaking, of the Empire. The capital city, Altayn, is located on this island, which sits apart from the other archipelagos. al’Rais is a lush, tropical paradise of rushing waterfalls, thick jungles, fertile soil, and high mountains, including Bahamut’s Crown, where deceased emperors and empresses are interred for sky burials and their monuments stand uncovered under the sky.

al’Jutha (The Body)
al’Jutha is the heartland of the Empire, stretching generally south from al’Rais. It is made up of large islands quilted with farmlands and orchards and dotted with villas of the wealthy, all worked by slaves captured in war, condemned at trial, or bought from the Dwarven Underhalls. A substantial portion of the labor force is also made up of White Scales who did not learn a trade and of non-dragonborn looking to make honest coin. Some of the islands are large enough to have towns where the inhabitants never see the sea.

al’Janah al’Sharq (The East Wing)
al’Janah al’Sharq (al’Sharq for short) spreads generally northeast from the northern latitudes of al’Jutha. The islands of al’Sharq tend to be smaller and rockier than in al’Jutha, and they haven’t been thoroughly surveyed like those of the Western Wing. As a result, al’Sharq is considered a frontier and a backwater. The islands are less-explored, the ports more rough-and-tumble, and the citizenry more varied than in the other provinces. That said, there are a handful of mid- to large-sized islands with a few substantial towns and cities within the region, so civilization is not completely absent from the region.

al’Janah al’Maghrib (The West Wing)
al’Janah al’Maghrib (al’Maghrib for short) stretches westward and north from al’Jutha. These islands were the first in the archipelago conquered and exploited by the Xarir, and established mines as old as the empire itself – or even older – are still in operation. The numerous small, rocky islands and large freighters laden with valuable ore make the region a hotbed for piracy, and the Zamarrid Navy is most active in this province as a result.

al’Theel (The Tail)
al’Theel is a chain of islands stretching south from al’Jutha and curling around the phenomenon known as Tiamat’s Maw (or just the Maw for short). These islands tend to be small and sparsely inhabited, which makes them attractive for eccentric, reclusive scholars, especially those studying the Maw.

Geography of the Zamarrid Empire

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