Hi all!

This is the wiki for our new game, set on an ocean world that I – and its inhabitants – call al-Azraq. I’ll be putting up background information as I write it. Right now it’s pretty broad stuff; that’s so that if you have a really cool character concept or background that you want to use, we can work it into the “canon” of the setting.

Thanks for checking it out, and I’ll see you all at the next gaming session!

Update 4/17:
Added articles on Calendrical Systems and the geography of the Zamarrid Empire. Also updated some PC pages to reflect updates from the players and added a couple of NPC pages. At this point, most of the stuff needed for the campaign is up. I have more in a campaign notebook and am transferring it onto the wiki mainly for my own reference. That said, feel free to read and send me any ideas or suggestions you have!

New: Geography of the Zamarrid Empire
New: Calendar Systems
Bahamut’s Will
A Brief History of the Ancient World
The Races of Al-Azraq

- Caleb