Embra Maar

Fire Genasi Pirate


Her father, Calder Maar, was a human who caught the eye of a Efreeta resulting in a child. Her mother had no patience to raise a half-breed mistake and left her in the care of her father. She was raised in isolation to protect her from slavers and the fear of narrow minded humans caused by her heritage and sorcery. But Dwarven slavers heard rumors of Embra and raided her sheltered island. Calder was taken by the slavers while trying to buy her time to hide. Driven by fear and anger Embra joined the first “pirate” crew she could find, aboard the Caoin Saoirse, and traded 10 years of servitude using her sorcery to aid their cause of liberating slave cargo for their aid in releasing her father.

By the time the pirates caught up with the slavers they had tortured and killed Calder trying to glean information regarding Embra’s location. Once her crew had appropriated their cargo she burned their ship and crew to the smoldering embers and never looked back. Her 10 years of servitude have long been served but still she continues to sail with the crew of the Caoin Saoirse searching to gain retribution for her father and cripple the slaving trade until one fateful day when everything in her life again turned upside down. Now she is on the run, a stowaway aboard Bahamut’s Will, trying to escape a past that will not rest and a present that is threatening to destroy her.

Embra Maar

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