Aydala al'Zamarrid

Zamarrid Diplomat


When the Zamarrid need to put on a good face, they send Aydala. Charismatic, honorable, and strong, she is a perfect representative of the Zamarrid ideal. Rumor has it that she should be next in line for the throne but has voluntarily allowed the succession to pass over her so that she can continue to serve the Empire as a diplomat.

Unlike most Zamarrid, she appreciates members of the “lesser” races and even includes a number of them in her retinue as bodyguards. Many see this practice as akin to keeping a cabinet of curiosities, but Aydala argues that it represents the contributions that these races make to the Zamarrid.

Auruk serves in her retinue, as do others, such as a reformed sea elf pirate.

Aydala al'Zamarrid

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