You wake up on a beach...

Adventure Log: 5/6/17

Several adventurers awakened on the beach of a remote cove after a freak storm sank Bahamut’s Will. A lizardman cleric, Korth, who had been living on the island and who had observed the shipwreck, lent his aid in reviving some of the stranded adventurers.

The sea elf ranger, who had been serving in Aydala’s bodyguard retinue, noticed that she was missing, and the party followed her tracks into the forest. After several hours of walking, the group arrived at a clearing where the ruins of an old elf road passed by a long-forgotten shrine. They overheard voices that indicated others were also looking for the missing diplomat. Without pausing to deliberate, the sea elf opened fire on the black dragonborn, and a fierce battle ensued.

After defeating the dragonborn (one of whom escaped), the group searched their bodies and discovered evidence that they were members of a “Wyrmcult.” The group pressed ahead to the old elven temple on the peak of the island’s central mountain, where they encountered Aydala.

Aydala was hiding from the Wyrmcult, who she claimed was after a relic of her family (the Zamarrid royal line): a golden orb decorated to look like a dragon’s egg. This orb was the symbol of Zamarrid power, and Aydala believed that the Wyrmcult wished to install one of their own on the Zamarrid throne.

As Aydala was finishing her infodump, strange mercenaries began attacking from within the temple, where they had opened a breach in one of the walls. The party fought off the mercenaries, but as they were wrapping things up, more Wyrmcult scouts approached from the main road. Aydala fell in the crossfire, and the party barely managed to keep the Wyrmcult from taking the orb.

In addition, two strange tieflings – Vengeance and Glory – were leading the mercenary attack, but they left when Aydala fell. They promised, however, to see the party again.

After puzzling over a mysterious free-standing arch with engraved with “Eiri-na Graien Gate” in Old High Elven, the gang slipped out the breach made by the mercenaries and camped for the night. From their camp, they could see the fires in the temple where a veritable Wyrmcult army was encamped.

The next day, the party traveled to the human port of Solstice, on the northern shore of the island, to find passage to Rivenburg, where Bahamut’s Will was supposed to go before it sank. While in the tavern, the gang heard a commotion out front; thinking that it was the Wyrmcult, they slipped out the back door – straight into an ambush! Not only were Wyrmcult scouts and soldiers waiting for them, but so was their leader: Kaazuul! Kaazuul was a massive, hulking black dragonborn in black, spiked, plate armor who warned the party to hand him the orb, and he would leave them alone.

Just when things looked most dire, a ship captain (tipped off by the barkeep), led the party down a side alley to the docks, where his ship was ready to sail. The gang leaped aboard and put off, just in time. Kaazuul stood on the docks, silently watching the ship depart…


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